Andrue & Sy’Mone: An Urban Love Affair

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Have you ever done something in your past that you pray don’t come back to haunt you in the end? That’s the case with former exotic dancer and hustler, Sy’mone Gregory. She has turned her life around, and has a desire for a better life for her family. Sy’mone trades in her G-strings for tambourines and wedding rings, and never looks back.
With a new, lucrative career, new found faith, and a man who loves her, she believes that nothing can go wrong. However, she discovers not every fairy tale has a happy ending. Sy’mone falls abruptly from cloud nine when she learns that her husband, Andrue, is not who he says he is, following a freak accident that leaves her daughter clinging to life. Every bit of happiness she worked for slips through her fingers in a single moment. When her faith is tested, and her children’s safety is compromised, she vows that—come hell or high water—she will protect them at all costs.
Olivia weaves a tale of love and deception that will have you clinging to her every word until the last page.

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Enjoy a excerpt from Olivia’s upcoming debut novel


I jumped in shock and could feel the warm urine that ran down my leg. Confused, disgusted, and scared, the girls that had been standing before me looked around me, glanced at my accident, and then scurried off as quickly as they could in their strappy sandals and tight pants. It would have been nice to do the same, but I knew I wouldn’t have made it out alive. I remained with my back turned, scared to do anything. It didn’t help that most of my joints and muscles had frozen in sheer terror.

“Thought you were real slick, didn’t you? Where do you get off walking out on me?” The familiar baritone greeted me from behind.
“Answer me! Did you PISS on yourself?”

I barely turned before brass knuckles slammed into my jaw forcefully. I cried out and caught the tooth with my tongue before it richocheted down my throat. Rich, thick blood filled my mouth and I knew my face would be a bloody mess by the end of this encounter. “Diamond, I…”

A thick, chunk of hair was tugged upon as I was forced to face a crew of six men. “Shut up! WHERE is my money?”

“I gave it to…” My finger pathetically pointed somewhere behind his shoulder, but it was apparently the wrong answer. The blows that followed clued me in on just how upset I had made him. I literally became a punching bag. “Please, stop!”

The heel of his Timberland boots met with my side again and again, but even that was not enough. I was bleeding, choking and sobbing, yet he was not nearly satisfied. Ashamed and weakened, I allowed the mink coat to be torn from under me until I lay naked in my badly blemished skin. My pimp outstrengthened me by some ridiculous numbers and he grinned maliciously as he fingered the belt looped in his jean shorts.

A warning was out the door when he grabbed a hold of an ankle and flipped me over until my butt faced upward. I welcomed nonexistent peace and invisibility; feeling the sting of continuous lashes over and over. Diamond whipped me as though I were some ruthless animal, cursing with each stroke.

I presumed we had an audience, the way he motioned his boys to take me away. Acrylic nails dug into the semi-moist earth, only succeeding in pulling up grass and dirt along the way. My own voice could not be deciphered amid the night’s commotion, and the stubborn pain tripled whenever already sore flesh was hit for a second and third time.

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Keema & Lamar 3 The End

“The END”

The ambitious and grinding author Aisha Hall is putting an end to her best-selling series “Keema & Lamar: A Ghetto Love Story” is available. We’re looking forward to reviews from the readers on this series. Was it good? Was it bad? Did the series end like you expected? Who was your favorite character? If we have enought insights we can set up a discussion about this in our  Kindred Soul Readers & Authors group

Aisha KL


Keema is still the infamous young boss. She took her game to new heights when she expanded her empire internationally and introduced the world to New Dope, a wicked blend of heroin and cocaine. Fearless and driven, she felt invincible. Unstoppable. Until that sad day when her husband Lamar was shot right before her eyes.

Saddened by the tragedy that claimed her husband, Keema attempts to leave the game. But the streets have dug its claws so deep into Keema’s back, that it becomes almost impossible for her to move on. Lamar was her everything but in the midst of turmoil, a shocking revelation about another woman and the son he never knew, changes everything. Chaos quickly sets in and life takes a drastic turn.

Her operation spirals out of control and the once well run empire is now in chaos. Keema and the people she loves most, all find themselves in impossible situations of disloyalty, lies and deceit. In this jaw dropping saga, one gets reminded that all things that go up, eventually come down.

Available NOW Keema & Lamar 3: A Ghetto Love Story

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She’s not finished because she’s just getting started “Caught Up Loving A Boss” drops May 10th. Be on the look out for a hot excerpt of this tale of urban romance.



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