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Sins of a Mafia Princess

There was blood everywhere.

The body hanging from the ceiling looked like a slaughtered pig, hanging upside down. His legs were bound by a rope, as every piece of metal, wood, or pointed object in the room, slammed into him repeatedly. A single finger was lying on the floor, where it had been sawed off. A shiny gold ring was still nestled around the twitching finger. People didn’t call us ruthless for nothing, not that I was proud of what we stood for.

We were the Mafia Family, and no one crossed us. We were a unit and took care of our own, but when you were disloyal you had to be punished. This time was no exception as our offender was stripped down, tied up, and struck for the last hour. He had done the number one thing we were taught not to do. He had gotten high off his own supply and had stolen money off top. Although I was disappointed in his shortcomings, I was against the death sentence they were bringing onto this poor soul. No amount of money was more valuable than a life in my eyes. I couldn’t say the same for my family.


That had to be a bone breaking. I pulled the hood of my sweatshirt as far down over my face as I could, attempting to block out the sounds and images of this cruelty. I hated these moments. Everyone seemed to be laughing, inebriated, and basking in the fact that they had beaten a human being into a pulp. But here I sat, gulping back tears, vomit, and screams in the midst of the commotion. I had my share of fights in the past, but this was by far the most severe mistreatment I had ever witnessed.

One after another, seven people took turns whipping, kicking, punching, and slamming their bats into who I thought was a friend. My brother, emerging from the group, rested his bat over a shoulder and paced the floor. He breathed in and out like he had run a few miles. I saw sweat pop up along his hairline, and perspiration discolored his shirt. He wore goggles and a see-through bodysuit to protect his clothes from the splattering of blood. His girlfriend stood not far away, holding a bottle of rubbing alcohol.



From the time that she is initiated into the Mafia Family, Constance “Mocha” Simmons is taught to live by three specific rules of the G-code: Loyalty is everything, never fall in love with the enemy, and once you get in, there’s no way out unless by death. Surrounded by corruption and intimidation, she soon finds that everything she has ever known is a lie. In an attempt to find her brother’s murderer, Constance encounters Julian “Hound” Mathis, and all hell breaks loose. Could the link to her family’s destruction lie in the hands of Julian? What happens when the princess of the Mafia Family, and the prince of the Deuces finally meet? Find out in this sexy, urban thriller.


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