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Loving You Is Like A Battle

Nineteen-year-old Stacey always had a knack for the streets. Ever since she left home she’s been making her own rules to the game. The one thing that’s always been missing in Stacy’s life is security. Raised by a drug addicted mother and never knowing her father Stacey had never felt safe…until Spice.
Spice, a born hustler focused on money, power and respect. Although his father taught him the legal side of business Spice was drawn to the darker side of the game. All he needed was a woman by his side that he could give the world to. From the first time he saw Stacey walking down the street Spice knew she was that woman. Together they are a force to be reckoned with but the battle that lies ahead of them will test them beyond their imaginations.

Chada debuts a hypnotic tale of romance leaving the hearts of many palpitating to the very last page.

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She’s Baaaaack!

Nia Chantel is delivering a hot and steamy love story, and if you’re a true Nia reader then you know she’s coming with the drama in today’s release.

All I Want Is You: The Love Story of Tionne & Durk


Tionne and Durk have been best friends since they were teenagers. They could count on each other for anything. When Tionne is sent away for committing a crime Durk holds her down.

Durk always had an ample amount of love for Tionne, but when she returns home after three years he cant help but to look at her as more than a friend. Soon feelings start developing between the two and it’s hard to fight what they feel. Take a ride with them as they figure out how to take their relationship to the next level with out ruining their friendship.

Kindred Soul is excited to present such a captivating novella to the readers. As always we appreciate your support on this release. Start reading here.

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Author Spotlight with Brandi Davis

Kindred Soul is proud to present a new platform for Author Brandi Davis. She penned a book about her reality experience about the fast life and it’s consequences.

Often times we read fictional books about being the daughter of the connect or being the girl of a hustler. Brandi has lived that life and is here to warn other young women that all that glitters isn’t 
gold. Join us Thursday in our Facebook Group (Kindred Korner: What’s the read with KSP) to discuss her new book The High Price I Paid 4 now available on Amazon. 

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