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Less drama more love?

Less drama and more love?

After being the cause of much pain Akir is starting to see the error of his ways, and has vowed to do right by his woman at all cost. However, the sudden change in his attitude takes Jamila by surprise, and she’s wondering if this new Akir is here to stay. Will Akir and Jamila finally get over the past and let the love run its course?
Akir’s twin brother and sister Mercedes and Markel are all grown up. Markel is ready to wreak some havoc of his own, following in his brother’s footsteps. After going through a mind-blowing situation Mercedes isn’t sure she can get back on track, but with her family’s help she hopes to make it through unscathed.

Nia takes her readers through the world of emotions as a love is seeking to mend and drama is ready to unfold. Akir and Jamila is a fan favorite with a love story to be told hold on to the pages because you won’t be able to let go until THE END.

Now available on Amazon click here.


Nia is a 26-year-old native hailing from Linden, NJ. A single mother to four beautiful children who she dedicates all her future success to. She is signed to Kindred Soul Publications a Bankroll Squad official company. She has written four novels and is hard at work to continue putting out great stories. Nia can be quoted saying, “I write out of pure passion for the art. My readers can expect honesty, sincerity and a great story.”


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