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Meet twin sisters Summer and Winter. Two college girls that are looking for some fun this summer. They are invited to Miami by their older sister Dior; Summer is ecstatic, Winter the more laid back of the two is just tagging along because her sisters begged her to go. When Summer arrived to Miami she meets Aasim aka “Miami” whose deep in the game. Only trying to have a good time on vacation she ended up finding more than that.
Winter runs into a familiar face in Miami, and they hit it off instantly. The last thing she was looking for was love. You could even say she was hiding from it but it seems to find her anyway. With bitter ex’s and hating females lurking in the shadows how will this Summer with Miami turn out for the pair?

She Just Wanna Count Up With A Boss


Khalani & Mehki are what everybody painted as the perfect couple, having grown up together the were almost inseparable; that is until Mehki took on an offer he couldn’t resist without Khalani knowing. Money, sex, drugs, lies and deceit start to come in to play out of no where for Khalani the minute she founds out some exciting news. Leaving her unsure of what she should to do. Will she be able to handle the consequences of her decision?

Mekhi now living a double life is one he wasn’t ready for. Regret start to settle in and not telling Khalani has offered him greater consequences than he’s imagined. Being the man that he is, he tries to learn from his mistakes & continues on his new journey in moving on with someone new. But Mekhi is unaware of the secret that Khalani is keeping. With snakes lurking in the grass will Khalani ever get the chance to tell Mehki what he’s really up against?

Shawty Got A Love Like No Other


Let’s debunk a myth. You do not have to kiss a ton of frogs to get to your prince charming. Who wants to kiss a frog anyway? All too often, women find themselves in toxic relationships. We deal with men who lie, cheat, use, manipulate and even abuse us at times. We struggle to walk away and if we do leave, we find ourselves back in the relationship hoping he’s changed while settling for less than we deserve. Girl, Move On: A Guide to Successfully Letting Go, will help you slam the door on that toxic relationship for the final time. In this book you’ll learn: • How to uncover red flags you missed, ignored, or compromised on • How to identify types of men you should avoid • How to discover elements of your life that led you into the arms of a man who doesn’t love you • How to gain freedom • How to heal and never find yourself in a toxic relationship again It’s time to stop settling for less. It’s time to move on.

Girl Move On


What do you do when your children have been put in danger one too many times? What do you do when your heart and mind no longer aligns? What do you do when you’ve simply had enough? Sy’mone has finally found love and her happy ending with Raj…Or has she? When the news of her ex-husband’s escape from prison gets out, she finds herself back at square one. The conclusion to Sy’mone, Andrue, and Raj’s twisted love affairs will leave you speechless

Andrue & Sy’Mone 3 An Urban Love Affair



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