Aisha Hall


Aisha Hall is a New York native, who discovered her joy of writing as a child. She grew up in Roosevelt, New York with her siblings and parents. Her father had a heavy influence in her life, as he was a self-made boss who taught her the ground-rules of being a driven woman and a go-getter. Aisha understands that in the pursuit of greatness, mistakes can be made.

She is currently home free with family after spending 10-years in federal prison. She leaves her readers with a quote. “The best successes usually comes disguised as failures. Plant your seeds and let the Universe do its job.”

Aisha currently have the following titles available on to date.

Keema & Lamar A Ghetto Love Story

Keema & Lamar A Ghetto Love Story 2

Keema & Lamar A Ghetto Love Story 3

Caught Up Loving A Boss

Kings Reign Supreme

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