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BACK like I never left

To know where I’m going I had to know where I’ve been. Black Fire was released by my former publisher almost six years ago and I appreciated the feedback I received from it. The joy I felt while reading through reviews some good and bad was surreal I couldn’t believe I had a book published for readers to review. However, there was the downside of this book. There wasn’t a sense of consistency and maybe it was from my lack of enthusiasm, input on covers and promotion.  There was also a lot I didn’t know about this industry nor had the resources I have now to push myself and my book. 

In 2016, I came to the conclusion that I should revise my first book and republish it under my own company. This time I shopped for my own photos for the cover, put together my own creative campaign for the release and chose my own editor. I was apart of the entire experience from the revisions of the storyline to the graphics. After years I realized that patience will make the quality of product much better in the end. I’m one to tell my authors trust the process and that’s because I had to learn to all over again and found it to be true. Quiet as kept I just wanted to be a publisher at one point after not releasing and at the same time I never stopped writing. Re-releasing Black Fire gave me the power to want to publish what I’ve been writing on for the past years. 


Former cover from Black Fire

My first novel have a face lift and it will be released on April 20th on Amazon Kindle and paperback. I will have a huge giveaway for this release. 


28033202_1992652414320741_1243896208_oLoved my first cover, but this one I absolutely LOVE! This makes me appreciate what I do so much more. Being a part of the process while I trust it is dope and packed with knowledge I didn’t have. I encourage any author aspiring and experienced be a part of your process- see it to the publish button and promote even after. 

Black Fire started as a three part trilogy that I put together as one. So readers can get a feel of the storyline and the characters for the spinoff Blue Money coming this Summer. 


Three friends
One robbery
All gone right then… wrong
Born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, Naima is a young lady living a fast life in a fast city, working for an up and coming drug dealer named Rancy. Life was good until she realized her worth was being under appreciated by the boss she love and hate; she couldn’t tell if she hated the love or loved the hate.
When a man shows you that he’s everything you want and everything you don’t. Believe him.
An underdog, Keyon known to the block as Key enters Naima’s life to stir up trouble, simply by presenting her with an opportunity to make more money. She enlisted her best friends Anissa and Mika to assist. What they thought would make them a little easy money spiraled into a web of kidnapping, betrayal, unexpected love, and a hurricane to remember.
This is not your average love story, and will leave you asking yourself “who can you trust in this cold world?”

Coming to you 4/20


Drusilla Mars The Storyteller


Hold up wait a minute!

If you thought I was finish psshh. Not hardly. Lol. There is a short story spinoff to this full length novel that I am rereleasing as well because it dropped before Black Fire 3 when it was suppose to drop after. Just like Black Fire I read and revised and had a part in each step on the road to republishing. The original title was Diana Loves A Rebel the new title is… 


Throughout this entire ordeal of republishing I learned that patience is key. I was separated throughout the entire process which caused me to rush the publication and just get it out of my hands. Not anymore.



Drusilla Mars born and raised in Louisiana has always been an avid reader since a little girl and to date she loves to be tuned into well-developed characters in unforgettable storylines that she can’t get enough of. When asked how did she find her passion for storytelling she replied “Reading, imagination and reality.” The novelist is not one to be put into a box she writes outside the lines without mercy.

To get updates on my upcoming releases, news, and giveaways follow my page or visit my page


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When The Smoke Clears EXCERPT ALERT!!!!

Three weeks had passed since he had been with Monica and they’d become close. He realized that she was a down ass lil’ chick. After their first night together, Gangsta threw her fifteen stacks to get her gear right. He’d been wining and dining her for the past three weeks; he knew that he had her just where he wanted her. She had run everything to him about her past with Young Money. He now knew how the nigga achieved his status; now all he needed to find out was where this nigga was keeping his work. He never asked Monica about that for two reasons because he didn’t want her to think that she was part of his plot and he was waiting on Keisha’s body to be found so that he could justify his reasoning.
In the meantime, he was on another mission. That nigga Fat Joe was about to feel his wrath and he had spared that nigga on the strength his uncle fucked with dude, but the shit he pulled the other night at the club had put him on the radar. Trish was at the bar asking him about Extra, when the nigga walked up.
“Bitch, what the fuck are you doing disrespecting me and talking to this bitch ass nigga?” Fat Joe yelled.
Dude was pissy drunk; he had to be, Gangsta thought to himself, because this nigga knew how he got down. So, he let him go with the smart remarks until the nigga tripped the fuck out. He pulled his money out of his pocket and threw it in Gangsta’s face. Gangsta’s gorilla instinct went into motion and he grabbed Fat Joe by his neck and slapped him with the Heineken beer bottle he had in his hand. He saw the fear in his eyes as the bouncer pulled him off of his bitch ass and led him towards the front door.
His uncle called him the next morning, telling him that Fat Joe didn’t know who he was because he was so drunk. One of the niggas he was with told him what he did last night and he immediately got in touch with Gangsta’s uncle to let him know that he was tripping. His uncle told him to let the nigga ride on the strength of him but he’d know after tonight that Gangsta wasn’t the type to hear that shit. As he turned off of Acadian onto Boardwalk, he made a left on 32nd Street. He pulled in front of his dawg Red Johnny’s house and blew the horn.
Red Johnny was another nigga Gangsta felt that he could trust, Johnny was his silent assassin. They were from the same hood and had grown up together. Johnny had his own clique, but whenever Gangsta needed him, he was a phone call away. Johnny would occasionally get dope from Fat Joe, so the plan was to set up a buy and nap his fat, stupid ass. Johnny came out of the house with a book sack on his shoulder and jumped in the car.
“What it do, thug? Everything straight or what?” Gangsta asked.
“It’s all good, thug; I just got off the phone with that nigga and I told him that I need a nine piece.”
“Yeah, nigga, I’m gone put a nine piece in the top of that nigga’s head!” They both laughed.
“I feel you, nigga, but the nigga said we had to handle it like thirty minutes from now. That’s why I brought the book sack; I’m ready if you are.”
“Fuck it. No nuts, no glory, ya heard me!” Gangsta said, rolling off.
“Dawg, go on Edgewood so that we can jump in my shit. The nigga want to meet at Albertson’s on Airline,” Johnny said.
Johnny had a new Charger that had dark, tinted windows so that would be perfect. When they switched cars, Johnny got straight on the phone and called Fat Joe. He told him to meet him at the spot in twenty minutes and then he hung up the phone. He asked Gangsta, “How are we going to do this?”
“Thug style!” Gangsta replied.
That meant that they were gone snatch the nigga out of his shit in broad daylight. Johnny and Gangsta both lived for the action so this was going to be fun. They both had smiles on their faces as they made their way onto Airline Highway. As soon as they pulled into Albertson’s parking lot, Johnny spotted where Fat Joe had parked. He pulled on the side of him, grabbed his heat, and jumped straight out of the car with the book sack in his other hand. He hopped in Fat Joe’s car.
“What’s up, Fat Boy?” he asked, smiling.
“Look, I’m in a rush, so let’s take care of biz and be out,” Joe replied.
He didn’t see Gangsta jump out of the Charger with two guns in his hand. Fat Joe grabbed the work from under the seat and all he heard was glass shatter. When he looked up, Gangsta had the guns in his face. “Remember me, bitch ass nigga?” Gangsta yelled.
“Man, what the fuck?” Joe said in panic mode.
“Get your fat ass out of the car and move quickly,” Johnny said.
Gangsta slapped Fat Joe. “Bitch, you hear what the man said.” Then he grabbed Fat Joe by his shirt and drug him out of the car. He fell to his knees and Gangsta kicked him in his ass. “Bitch, get in the other car before I blow your fuckin’ brains out,” Gangsta demanded.
Fat Joe got up and Gangsta led him to the back door and they both got into the back seat. “Dawg, please don’t kill me, gee; you can have whatever I got, just let me slide,” he said. “Listen, nigga, I want at least a hundred stacks to spare your life,” Gangsta said while holding the guns to his temple. “You got five minutes to tell me everything you know or it’s off with your fucking head.”
“You got that, gee, but I don’t have over ninety-three stacks to my name. I got it stashed in the attics at my mom’s house on Alabama Street. Just take me there and I will get it for you.” “Jay, drop us off on 32nd Street; go to his mom’s crib and get that. If it ain’t there, call me, so I can kill this fat bitch.”
When they made it on 32nd Street, Gangsta handed him his phone. “Now call Mom’s house and let her know that Red Johnny is coming to get something for you, so let him in.”
He made the call and Sandra, his older sister, answered the phone, “Sis, where’s Mom?” Joe asked.
“She went to her doctor’s appointment, why?”
“Listen, I am about to send Red Johnny over there to get something for me. Let him in to handle that for me, alright?”
“Alright,” she said.
Gangsta grabbed the phone and hung it up. “Johnny, take care of that and call me when you’re finished,” Gangsta said, getting out of the car with the gun in Fat Joe’s back. Johnny pulled off and they made their way inside. “Dawg, tell me that you won’t kill me once you get the money.”
Gangsta slapped him with the pistol again. “Shut the fuck up and sit yo fat ass down. We’ll know all of that once the phone rings.”
Johnny made it on Alabama Street and pulled into Fat Joe’s mom’s yard. This would be the last time he came here, he thought to himself. As soon as he got out of the car, Sandra was opening up the front door. “Boy, it’s about time; hurry up ‘cause I got things to do and people to see,” she said.
“I hear you, baby girl. I won’t be but a minute,” he said, walking into the house and shutting the door behind him.
Sandra didn’t see him lock it. He walked down the hallway and spotted the attic door. He pulled a chair over and climbed up to open the attic door. The ladder fell when he opened it; he got off the chair and let the ladder fall to the floor. He went up and saw what he was looking for; it was a duffle bag lying in the corner. When he looked inside, he mumbled to himself, “Point seen, and money gone.”
He made his way down and went to see where his sister went. He heard her talking and went into the direction of her voice. Her bedroom door was open and she was lying on her stomach talking on the phone. Damn, she is fine too bad. She gotta go though. He pulled his gun out, walked behind her, and pointed the gun, and pulled the trigger four times. Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom! He picked up the phone and looked at Sandra’s head busted wide open.
“I’m sorry, but your girl is resting in peace. Heaven or Hell; choose one,” he said, laughing. He threw the phone to the wall and broke camp. When he got on North Street, he called Gangsta, “We good, my nigga!” he said and hung up as he headed in his direction.
Gangsta looked at Fat Joe with a devilish grin on his face. Fat Joe stared back at Gangsta hoping that he would let him go. “You know who that was right?” Gangsta asked.
“That was Red Jay telling you he got that issue, right?” Fat Joe replied.
Gangsta stood up. “Nah, dawg, wrong answer. That was the reaper; he just told me he wanted your soul,” Gangsta said, pointing both guns towards Fat Joe’s head. “Die, bitch nigga!” he said and squeezed the trigger five times, sending chunks of meat out of Fat Joe’s skull as he lay slumped on the couch.
Red Jay pulled into the yard and heard gunshots. “Fuck!” he yelled. “I should have waited ‘til I got down the street to call Gangsta because he wanted to see this nigga blood spill when Gangsta pushed his skull back.”
He looked around to see if anybody had heard the gunshots; the coast was clear so he made his way inside. “Nigga, why the fuck you ain’t wait for me?”
“I wanted to split this nigga myself,” Gangsta replied.
“I feel that, nigga, but I wanted to watch,” Johnny said, smiling.
“Nigga, you fucked all the way up in the head.”
“I know, nigga, but what about you?” They both laughed and Johnny dumped the contents out of the bag and there were five more keys inside. They started to count the money while Fat Joe was lying there dead. It came out to be one hundred and four stacks. Johnny pulled his gun and shot Fat Joe again.
“That’s from lying, you fat muthafucka! Man, let’s get the fuck out of here, thug. Call somebody to clean this shit up. We should dump this bitch in the cellar; he done shitted all over himself,” Johnny said.
They both laughed as they walked out of the house. As they walked to the car, Gangsta’s cell phone rang. He looked at the caller ID and saw that it was Monica. “What’s poppin’, baby girl?” he asked when he answered the phone.
“Hey, Daddy, I’m missing you like crazy. When are you coming home?” His phone beeped.
“Hold on, ma, let me answer the other line,” he said, clicking over. “What it do? Run yo’ mouth.”
“What’s up, my nigga?” Extra asked.
“Nothing, nigga. Me and Jay just took care of some biz,” Gangsta replied.
“Dawg, I was calling because they just found your girl and I was making sure that everything was straight. It’s time for me to pop back on the scene,” Extra said.
“I’m glad you said that, thug, because I got Monica on the other line as we speak. Meet me on Edgewood; I’ll run it down to you then,” Gangsta said.
“I’m on the way, nigga, one!” Extra said, hanging up.
Gangsta clicked back to the other line. “Sorry, boo, but you won’t believe who was on the other line.”
“Who?” she asked.
“Extra, baby girl. My nigga is still standing,” he said, sounding excited. “He told me how he got away from the bitch ass niggas and the reason your cousin got killed. Don’t trip; we definitely gonna ride for your people. Believe that. I’m ‘bout to meet him now. He gone tell me who those niggas are and we gone take it from there, alright?”
Monica started to cry on the phone. Gangsta just let her go as he listened. Then she said the magic words, “I wanna know who these niggas are, daddy; them bitches gone pay for this. I wanna be in on this ride, so don’t leave me in the dark,” she said.
“You got that, boo; let me go so I can hurry home. Cook something. I’m bringing Extra over so that we can all sit down and plan our revenge,” he said, smiling. He hung up the phone and put Johnny down on what he was about to pull off.
“Nigga, I know you down for whatever so be ready when I holla. After that we gone turn this fucking city upside down.”
“I love it when you talk that Gangsta shit, nigga!” Johnny said, smiling.
He pulled up next to Gangsta’s car on Edgewood and they sat there, smoking on hydro while waiting on Extra. “Nigga, we tripping. You forgot to call somebody to clean your crib.” Johnny hit the blunt hard. “Man, fuck that nigga and that crib. The nigga already in hell as long as he stays there.”
They both laughed hard.
“Nigga, you crazy. Call Baby June and tell him to get on top of that,” Gangsta said.
As soon as Johnny got on the phone, Extra pulled up. He got out of his ride and jumped into the back seat of the Charger. “What’s up, nigga? Pass the dro; it feels good to be back in motion again,” Extra said.
“I feel you, dawg, but the game is about to get so much sweeter. I got a couple of them thangs for you and some cheese. Here’s the deal with Monica. I’m about to tell her that Young Money was behind her cousin’s kidnapping and death. You got away from the nigga, so we gone have to scratch you up a lil’ bit, ya feel me.”
“I feel ya, nigga. Then she will really hate this nigga and want revenge and we’re the niggas who are going to give it to her,” Extra said, smiling.
“Now, we’re on the same page, my nigga, so let’s get this show on the road. We gone plot Monica’s revenge at the house with her. I promise you that she ‘bout to tell us everything that we need to know.”

Will be available on

Feb 20th 


In the first part of this trilogy, authors Ralph Holmes and George Johnson tell the story of Baton Rouge hustlers Gangsta and Young Money.

From the start, Gangsta, the treacherous thug is out to get money by any means necessary. He bumps heads with Young Money, the Drug Lord of the city; what starts out as a “get rich quick” scheme, turns into a bloody street war.
When they find out and put together a deeply rooted secret from Arthur Ramsey, incarcerated in Angola, that plugs the two hustlers together. They form an unstoppable click by combining their forces into one.

Take a ride with Ralph and George as they navigate their readers through the streets of BR.

Ralph Holmes and George Johnson are from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. They met while incarcerated, where they both learned their gift for writing. Now released, they’re on a power driven journey to success.

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Hiatus is over



When a man shows you that he’s everything you want and everything you don’t. Believe what you see.

Shamona relocated from her hometown in Baton Rouge to Houston for a change. She worked as a barmaid at “CHURCH” an underground gentlemen’s club where gambling tables and stripper poles crowded the space along with catty co-workers. There she meets the strikingly handsome hustler Claiyton “Country” Lebrado who just arrived back home from the hot streets of Miami. Shamona isn’t looking for love but she’s allured by Country’s charm and the suspicious activity that keeps him away most times.

I never got along with my heart

Just when she’s settled in with her new job she gets fired, and is forced to step out on faith once again to freelance with her right-hand Opal. The money pile and her love life on the uprising Shamona is gracefully coming into her own. That is, until one of Country’s many skeletons crawl out of the closet causing him to leave town again. While he’s gone Shamona moves on, and just when the odds of getting married are looking to work in her favor she gets a plethora of shocking revelations.

The past is knocking in more ways than one and the future is holding doors open for Shamona to live and let love, but what happens when your past, present and future are all in the same circle?

Creepin’ With the PLUG I Love

Drusilla Mars has been on a two year hiatus from releasing full length projects and coming back stronger than ever with her clever love stories and urban plot twists. First, she’s dropping this dope read to a kindle near you. If you would like to enjoy an excerpt about Country and Shamona, join our mailing list.






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Available NOW!

The love story goddess Seymone Kelly introduces readers to Caine and Athalia.


Caine and Athalia meet and it is love at first sight. They didn’t know their love for each other would have them on a roller coaster.
Caine has a fiancée named Jackee, his dream career and is just trying to be one of the top A&Rs at his label. Caine is a man with his life together. Athalia is just graduating from college, wanting to move out of her parent’s house and just trying to figure out her next move. As that is happening, she falls for a rapper named Riz who is the talk of the town.
Riz shows Athalia all the finer things in life but also introduces her to a lifestyle she has never thought of being a part of. Athalia goes from being a college graduate to choosing a life she never saw coming. Caine sees what she is turning into and wants to show her how she is supposed to be loved.
This love story is about doing what it takes for the one you love. Sometimes it means putting your own life in danger.

To download click here.



Summers are no good without a strawberry lemonade and a book bae from page turner like Olivia Shaw- Reel’s next release “Can’t Leave Him Alone After the Love We Made.”


Ladies’ man, Klayton “Klay” Sumpter only enrolled in college to get away from his poverty-stricken home and drug-addicted mother. He never expected to fall in love and become one of his university’s leading college football stars. What happens when his love interest discovers his criminal record and dark past? Will Klay finally have a fairytale ending, or will the mistakes and troubles from his adolescence ruin everything he worked so hard for?
Amerie Nichols feels imprisoned in her two-year marriage. She drowns herself in her career and meets a young man who quickly becomes more than a friend. Will she fall into the trap of infidelity, or can she find the spark back in her marriage before it’s too late? Stay tuned for this page-turning Houston love story.

Download here


What’s a summer without a sequel…? ExZACKLY! Lol. If you haven’t read I’m Always By Your Side Volume One, now is your chance;  Sylvannah is officially ready to unleash the sequel about these Williams Sisters.


They say that “Love is Blind”, but sometimes, we get with someone knowing they are no good for us, and we fall for them anyway. We ignore the signs, turn the other cheek during telling experiences, and close our eyes to avoid seeing the tragedy right in front of us. We’ve all been there, and so have the Williams sisters, Brianna, Brooke, and Bianca. Their friend, Kris, wasn’t an exception. These women loved hard and fought even harder to protect their hearts and the ones they loved.
Brianna, the hopeless romantic has finally found her knight in shining armor, but it came with a cost. Will she be able to move on and live her happily ever after with Harley and heal from her past? Brooke, the oldest sister, and whom appeared to be the most stable of the group, but was actually going through a silent hell, is moving on with life without her deceased husband, Matthew. She has her sights set on someone new who may end up bringing her more trouble than bliss. Bianca, the baby sister and the social butterfly found herself caught up with the son of Milwaukee’s own, Heroine Hank, who was recently kidnapped. Bianca is also pregnant with their baby. Will she end up raising their child alone? Or, will she be able to find her baby’s father? Finally, Kris, a friend of the sisters, went through a tumultuous, first, lesbian relationship with Deanna, known as Dee. Now, Dee wants her back and is willing to do whatever it takes. Will Kris forgive and forget, or leave Dee alone for good?

Cop here and review


Aisha Hall Returns

Aisha Hall never disappoints from her Keema & Lamar series her knack for storytelling and character developing is intriguing. Just like any other Aisha Hall release expect to be taken on an adventure with some the world’s biggest players.


They say “cash is King!” But what happens when cash loses it’s value? SB, a seventeen year old hustler, and his family are struggling while living in the projects of New York. Entangled in a love triangle, SB finds himself frustrated and confused. Yet, his personal drama is no match for the turmoil exploding around him!

It is the year 2025 and the United States banking system has collapsed! Cities across the country go on lockdown, spiraling a nationwide crisis. Times get so rough that street hustlers can’t even afford to re-up. Schools close down and government checks cease. In a world where a simple box of Frosted Flakes sells for thirty dollars, survival seems impossible!

This nightmare was no accident. The culprit behind the disaster is a scandalous, secret society known as “The Brotherhood.” They are a group of corrupt CEO’s, bankers and politicians, led by a notorious self proclaimed KING. By happenstance, SB comes into contact with this ruthless group of men and his life changes drastically. In a shocking twist of events, no one knows if things will remain as they are, or if a new king will reign supreme.



FREE with Kindle Unlimited $9.99 per month.

Are you an avid reader?

Do you like to win prizes?

If you answered “YES” to both questions this reader challenge is activated just for Y-O-U. All you have to do is follow these simple instructions and BOOM you’re IN IT TO WIN IT!

Email RIGHT NOW!!!!

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Author Spotlight with Brandi Davis

Kindred Soul is proud to present a new platform for Author Brandi Davis. She penned a book about her reality experience about the fast life and it’s consequences.

Often times we read fictional books about being the daughter of the connect or being the girl of a hustler. Brandi has lived that life and is here to warn other young women that all that glitters isn’t 
gold. Join us Thursday in our Facebook Group (Kindred Korner: What’s the read with KSP) to discuss her new book The High Price I Paid 4 now available on Amazon. 

Follow us on Facebook for more updates on upcoming releases, contests and spotlight events.

Check our latest contest to win FREE books for a year.



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A Monday In March!


In Nia Chantel fashion she opened Kindred Soul’s 2016 year with a bang Akir & Jamila All He Needed Was A Rider a hood romance novel. Garnering a substantial amount of five star reviews; and she’s already being labeled a favorite author in her short tenure. Nia’s dedication to her storytelling and building her brand is admirable. If you haven’t copped her latest or even her Maybach And His Boo Thang series click the name and enjoy.



Onyxx Black, the Nap Town Lil Chocolate. Her nonchalant and witty responses gives us a vibe like none other like her unforgettable and well developed characters in My Thug Got A Rider. People may look at the title and think “cliche” but if you judge this book by it’s title you’ll definitely miss out on Onyxx’s word play. It’s unique and it leaves you wanting more.

“I usually skip this part but this time I couldn’t! I could not put this down for one minute. From beginning to the end there is not one dull moment. I didn’t like the way it ended *sad face* I can’t wait for the next part! This page turner was definitely worth reading. 🙂 Excellent job young author thank for something different & not the boring story line I’m tired of reading about.” -A reader review

Seymone 1

Seymone Kelly submitted her manuscript and was immediately accepted into the family for her angelic descriptive writing and beautiful personality. She’s a New York woman and loves to create from blogs to poems and it shows in  Kared & Shyann A Harlem Love Affair. This urban romance novel is everything to anyone who is flawed and in love with two opposites. Seymone writes with such class that Shyann’s actions may seem cool to some, but we’ll leave that up to you judge.



 Follow us Kindred Soul Publications to stay up to date on the release dates.


Aisha KL

Aisha Hall’s work ethic is motivating considering her circumstances she exceeds limitations when it comes to writing. She proves she is filled with stories to tell, and just like that her full length trilogy Keema & Lamar A Ghetto Love Story series is complete and part three will be released VERY soon. The response from it is off the meter; Aisha’s reviews are filled with WOW’s and Five Stars. You don’t want to miss this epic release.


It’s been raved that Maybach is “BAE” and readers use this term loosely when you have a male character who possesses it all and still have a boo thang to accept his flaws. Nia Chantel came in swinging with part one and two knocking them out. Relationships between friends and lovers, treachery, murder and deceit. Just down right love and drama. If you haven’t caught up on the series click  Maybach & His Boo ThangMaybach & His Boo Thang 2 and enjoy before part three drops.

The Diamonds We Collected

Untitled design (9)


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Kindred Soul PRESENTS

Onyxx Black


Donyia is a 21 year old Indianapolis native with dreams of making it big in the literary world. She likes to write to express herself and readers can expect nothing less than a piece of her personality in print. Behind everything Donyia writes is a little bit of truth. “I can’t write about anything I haven’t seen, heard of or lived myself.” She answered when asked where all the ideas come from. Donyia describes her writing style, “I’m not an organized writer at all.” Although this is her first full length novel, Donyia has written short stories for class and for fun. We also asked her what genre she will write, in which she replied, ” I feel like I can write anything. I like urban fiction the best though, because I can truly say I lived and/or witnessed that, so I can use it.”

Donyia adopted the pseudonym Onyxx Black because “Onyx is a rare mineral/jewel and the black ones are especially rare and beautiful.” Baffled by the depth of this author KSP partners signed Ms. Black to the publication. They are excited about this hot new author delivering a quality tale of hood love in her debut novel.


Ashanti, having witnessed her parents murdered in cold blood at the age of 6, was too scared to move or even fight for her family.Now as a young adult she feels like she has to fight for everything that belongs to her or else she’ll lose it.

Kenyon, on the other hand, fought night and day for his drug dealing father and drug fiend mother in hopes of restoring his dysfunctional family. Making a promise to God to do better than his father, if his mother would be healed, Kenyon lost his will to fight when his prayers fell on deaf ears. Along with his mother,went his belief in the man above and his trust in anything but the hustle. He meets Ashanti, and instantly they click.

Embarking on a dangerous journey of love, they have many obstacles to overcome, such as backstabbing friends, murder and the law . Can Ashanti be the one that Kenyon needs to show him what it means to fight again? Does she have what it takes to be a rider?

Enjoy a hot excerpt from Onyxx Black’s debut… 

Kenyon pinned me against the wall, his skin glistening in the dim light coming from the TV playing in the background. I ran my fingertips all over the tattoos on his chest, thinking of how they would feel under my tongue. He kissed me, pressing his soft lips roughly against mine, teeth raking my bottom lip and pulled it into his mouth. I felt my knees going weak because of how his thug ass was being so gentle, played with my mind. Letting the wall go, with one hand, he grabbed the back of my thigh and wrapped it around his waist. His rough calloused hand trailed up the inside of my thigh and his strong fingers played against the damp crotch of my panties. I kissed him back, feverishly, hungrily so ready to feel him. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him closer. Letting go of the wall completely, he held my thighs in his arms and grinded closer to me. I felt him growing and pulsing between my thighs, so I tightened my grip around his waist. Kenyon kissed my neck, his rough stubble and soft lips drove me crazy, along with his warm, wet tongue. I moaned when I felt his hands under the thin fabric of my shirt. His thumbs brushed back and forth across my hard nipples. Before I had a chance to say anything, my tank top and bra hit the floor and I was naked in front of him from the waist up. With my eyes closed, I felt his warm breath inching closer to my breasts until his lips pulled at my nipple. His tongue moved in slow circles around the areola, making me throb. I couldn’t take much more of his teasing. When he finished leaving a light trail of saliva from my breasts up to my neck, he put his lips to my ear. “I knew you just needed some act right. But now, I need to know how you want it? I want to hear you say that shit. Tell Daddy what you want.” I knew that sexy aggressive attitude would come out eventually and I was more than ready to tell him exactly how and what I wanted. KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK. Kenyon looked at me with confusion and sat me on the bed. I covered up with the sheet as he opened the door. A policeman stood there. “Man, what the fuck?” He looked at me and motioned towards the table. I slid across the bed and grabbed the silver .40 caliber glock. I raised it in the direction of the door and pulled the trigger. BOOM.

Available March 8, 2016