Stephani Mickens, CEO


Meet the CEO of Kindred Soul

Born and raised in Detroit, MI Stephani Mickens discovered her passion for reading at a very young age. Always one to have a vivid imagination, and inquisitive mind Stephani often found herself at home in between the pages of a book. Being an avid reader and longtime supporter of TBRS (Team Bank Roll Squad), She was approached with the idea of having her own company in the #NewPrint stream by one of her favorite authors Mr. David Weaver, CEO of TBRS. In January 2015 Stephani and Drusilla formed Kindred Soul Publications.  Having the knowledge of being a critical reader, and a passion for quality reads, Stephani’s aim is to bring these skills into the arena of publishing.

On personal note Stephani can be quoted as saying, “Some may ask, why the name Kindred Soul? Let me ask you a question. Have you ever had an experience that you felt in your soul, so much so that it became a part of you?  That’s the experience we want our readers to have when they read a book published by Kindred Soul.”

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