Dee Smith

Hi, my name is Dianna Smith. I have had a passion for writing since I was a small girl. I used to get spankings for writing on all the napkins, sales ads, and paper towels. I love romance, steamy sex scenes, I am also one for writing with the dealings of the church and children. I started a story group back in June and this is one of 5 stories that I have started. This one is a favorite, and my personal favorite as well because it is my baby. My first full story. I write with passion and each of my stories will allow you to escape whatever your reality may be and go on a journey. Are you ready, be my guest. Please, come with me. To a place where old lies and new truths collide, where fate conquers fear, and love surpasses all, or does it? Where the sex will take your breath away and the love will give you the life you never knew you were missing. These ARE those stories, and they are mine. Come with me…..

Dianna Makes her debut with Kindred Soul in June!