Sylvannah is an up and coming author born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She started writing poetry at the age of 10, and later as an undergrad student at Marquette University, she was introduced to a local music label and began writing lyrics for a few of their artists. Her own life experiences and those shared with her from others, inspired her music, poetry, and eventually encouraged her to write her first book, I’m Always By Your Side, A Milwaukee Love Story. Seeing the reaction from the readers and the people around her about the book, has been the driving force behind her upcoming projects.
Growing up in a single parent household, she experienced first-hand, what the strength of the Black Woman looked like; and today, that’s what is portrayed in her stories. It is important for her to show the loyalty, resilience, strength, and sheer power of the African American woman. Through creating strong female characters and placing them in real life events that anyone (male, female, Black, or otherwise) can relate to, the underlying purpose is still not lost; Black Women are magical.
Sylvannah plans to use the platform she is building to help empower women, especially women of color; to be their authentic self and to live life on Purpose. To change the narrative, do away with society’s negative connotations of women, and get rid of the double standards. She believes that women should be free to live their life uninhibited and without fear of being shamed by other women or their male counterparts. This belief will continue to be highlighted throughout her writing career.

Download her two latest novels today

I’m Always By Your Side: A Milwaukee Love Story

I’m Always By Your Side: A Milwaukee Love Story 2

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