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KSP LIT: Trell King in the spotlight


48427669_2183761935020028_1475990108548104192_oTrell King resides in Gainesville, FL with her two boys and fiancé, Phillip Rutledge. Her love of literature at the age of four. It was in the second grade, after writing a story for a school assignment, her teacher told her she should become an author. When asked who are her favorites she stated Brenda Jackson and Omar Tyree.
All through high school she wrote short stories and poems. She stopped writing due to life and came back to it when her sister Maya urged her to write a story for the Short Story group on Facebook. The great feedback she received on the stories she wrote gave her more inspiration to take it serious with penning her debut novel. Mostly because the readers in the group told her she should try to get published. Which brought her to submit to Kindred Soul Publications. Fortunately, she heard back from Drusilla Mars one of the CEO’s and the rest is history. Her debut novel “The Little Games WE Play” is available on Amazon. Currently, she is hard at work on the sequel. All of her novels will eventually intertwine so be on the lookout for more stories from various characters.

17545240_1450740531655509_7469950181012206947_o.jpgWe caught up with Trell and she is clear on what she wants. Below are the question

1. What’s your name?

My name is Shantrell King but I write under “Trell King”.
2. Where are you from?

I am originally from Ocala, Florida but I live in Gainesville, Florida.
3. Who is your favorite author?

I have two favorite authors Brenda Jackson and Omar Tyree.
4. What give you inspiration to write?

I get the inspiration to write from many places. I love to read and watch t.v so I pull inspiration from there and also everyday life around me.
5. What are your future goals?

My future goals is to write over 20 books and to have my books in bookstores.
6. What’s the first book you read and couldn’t forget?

The first book I read and couldn’t forget was Flowers in the Attic by V.C Andrews.
7. How did you to become published? 

I started writing in the ShortStories Matter group on Facebook. There was another author that was in the group writing and she signed with Kindred Soul Publications. She posted that the company was looking for new submissions. After getting so much positive feedback on my stories I decided to send in one of my stories and I was so happy to hear back from Drusilla one of the CEO’s of Kindred Soul Publications.
8. What are three words to describe you?

I would have to say kind hearted, quiet, determined.
9. What are you currently working on?

I am working on part two of my first novel “The Little Games We Play”.
10. What advice do you have for writers?

The advice I have to give is to believe in yourself and write for you and to share with others. Also try not to blend in but stand out because it’s a lot of us authors out now. Be patient you will get the fanbase you want one day.
11. Have you ever gotten readers block?

No, I have never gotten writers block to where I don’t know what to write but I have had days sometimes weeks where I don’t want to write anything.
12. If you didn’t write, what would you do for work?

If I wasn’t writing I would probably be a reading teacher or a nurse.
13. Do you believe in writer’s block?

Yes, I believe in writers block I have heard so many other authors saying that they have writers block and I would hate to experience that.
14. How do you deal with book reviews?

I love book reviews; both good and bad. I look at the bad reviews and take what they’re saying in consideration and try to improve my writing. I love to hear feedback on my work.
15. What does success in the literary industry look like to you?

Success in the literary industry to me would be having my name as a household name. I want someone to hear my name and immediately think of their favorite book of mine.
16. What the name of your book and tell us a little bit about it.

The title of my book is “The Little Games We Play”. It’s a love story really about TJ and Shateria. TJ is a petty hustler and find himself falling for one of his client daughters. Shateria is a senior in high school running behind her addict mom and crazy best friend. Shateria find herself falling for TJ no matter how hard she tried to fight it.

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Catch up and stay connected with Trell 

Facebook: Trell King
Facebook story group: D.E.A.R. TKStories
Instagram: Authoress_TrellKing

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The Ladies of KSP


Every choice you make affects you…
Diana finds herself circling the bottle on a downward spiral after Courtland’s sudden death. She started working for Chirpy’s Chicken & Shrimp; the same one he robbed in hopes of avenging his death, and she got that plus more bloodshed. It wasn’t long after that she was found out about by the owner Zeus. As payback for infiltrating his business he gave her a task making runs for his drug organization. Will Diana make good on her new position or will she rebel against her bosses?

Key returns to the city after being locked up the last three months leaving full control of the business to his partner Zeus. Now released back to the free world he learns of all the new changes and is faced with even more challenges. Key is confronted by a past that threatens his future and he must make a decision when given an ultimatum.

In this final installment Diana will attempt to regain her power and Key will decide if he shall lose his.

Dropping FRIDAY!


Highly Anticipated Blue Money

Dropping 9/13

“Heavy is the head that bare the crown, right?”
Life was too good to be true for Marley until his best friend was gunned down and his mother went missing. To cope, he was caught up in the cusp of making dirty money and laying up with his girl, Paris. She could be his peace and his problem at times which gave his life a complicated balance. Marley proceeded life as weapons formed against him with intentions to do more hurt than healing. The love he was getting from his plug and love of his girl kept his mind off the losses. Marley didn’t know there was much more in the game to be had until he meets Key.
Natural born hustler Keyon Givens, was raised in the vibrant city of New Orleans. Where “Let the good times roll” is the spirit of happenings. Along with his right-hand Zeus, they flawlessly run and operate a lucrative drug operation through their local businesses. Keyon touches down in the city with plans to go nationwide with a new product on the market. This doesn’t sit well with another business man, Tony Wiston, who recently took a lost and needs Key’s crew assistance on an issue.
In this riveting tale of love, plugs, drugs and treachery be prepared to be wowed by cutthroat gangsters and the pretty women that love them.


Yatta Rose hits back with a new story

Kairo and Dy’Nica were the definition of relationship goals. In high school everyone looked at them as the Bey and Jay of Chicago. People aspired to have a relationship so perfect like the two of them. Later on they grew to have what was supposed to be the perfect family, perfect house, and from social media they were the happiest they could be. But what people don’t know is there is trouble in paradise.
Things between the high school sweet hearts weren’t so sweet. The mother and father of three beautiful kids began to have trouble in their home. Since they were younger the physical abuse was always there. Later came the emotional, verbal, and mental abuse. As time went on things got worse and even caused one to be hospitalized.
When hands are raised and fist are thrown, houses become broken. The couple that everyone one looks up to shocks the world when the real comes out. People find out the truth about Kairo and find out the happy life Dy’Nica post, isn’t so happy. The two lovers become the true definition of “everything that glitters, is not gold.”


Genita Hawkins takes on the streets

Kenneth “KJ” Johnson, better known as Kenny on the streets, grew up living the life his mother created for him after his father abandoned family life for his street life. Growing up KJ always was told by his mother if he ever wanted to find his dad, he could go to Harlem to find him.
KJ has never allowed love to be a part of his life, until he laid eyes on Keisha. Not only was she beautiful, but she also possessed street smarts. KJ uses both his book smart as well as his knowledge of the streets to come up with the perfect revenge plot to handle his father.
What will become of KJ and Keisha? How far will KJ go to get revenge on the man that abandoned him? Will his revenge plot make him turn out to be just like his father?

Alechy coming through with major literary content

Andre Major, born to drug addicted parents learned to navigate the streets at a young age. A hustler at heart, he’s determined to make it by any means necessary- be it rob, steal or kill. Yet Major- as the streets call him – envisions a life greater than the one he was born into. He has Millionaire Dreams.
Narcotics agent, Brian Steeples is severely injured in the line of duty. In his quest to avenge the wrong committed against him, his moral compass is buried, along with the oath he pledged to the police department. When offered to get money the fly way an unlikely relationship is formed. Brian is knee deep in the streets he’s supposed to serve and protect. With his badge at stake accompanied by life’s liberties, what’s an officer to do?
After showing compassion to a complete stranger, Major is rewarded in an unsuspecting way. He’s able to get full while also feeding those around him. Major not only elevates himself but also enriches the lives of those around him. Yet when cops turn rogue and comes for what they’ve acquired, all hell breaks loose.
When Major catches a case due to unforeseen circumstances- the hearts of men are revealed and loyalty is tested.
With corruption all around him and his inner circle standing on a crumbling foundation, will Major live the life he envisions or remain a statistic? Will he succumb to the streets or go down with the rumble surrounding him?


That is just the tip of the list...


December 2018

Kindred Soul Publications & Co. are accepting submissions in the following genres: Urban Fiction, African American Romance, Christian Fiction, Christian Romance, Inspirational and Self Help Books. Submit the first three (3) chapters of your completed manuscript to and allow up to thirty (30) days for a response from our editing team.