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Publisher responsibilities

To find, sign, market, assist building author’s careers, and sell e-books of the authors signed to Kindred Soul Publications. Kindred Soul assumes the initial cost of editing, book cover, and in addition to the author paid promotion.

Author responsibilities

In order to be considered for publication authors must submit the first five chapters of their completed manuscript, a brief bio, and contact information to submissions@kindredsoulpublications.com

We require that manuscripts be completed within 45 days so that it can be sent off for editing.

The best way to sign the contract is to download the DocuSign app arrangements. It allows you to digitally sign and send it back to us. Once we get that out of the way. *Physical signatures will be constructed once completed manuscript is submitted before publication.*

You’ll be added to the group chat with the KSP authors and we’ll make an announcement via social media.

Set up kindle unlimited account
Download and share the purchase link for all New Releases from KSP

Here’s a few questions for you.

Is your manuscript complete? If not, how long will it take you to complete at least a 45k-50k word book? How often are you on social media building your Brand?

Think about these questions before you submit to any publishing house.



All authors are encouraged to create a Facebook like page for promoting your book as well as label mates. We also encourage authors to create social media buzz through Instagram and Twitter. When we have a release it is suggested all our authors change their profile pictures to the book cover of KSP release. On all new releases, we have to promote and support by purchasing using our Kindle Unlimited accounts to get the day one sales. If we want sales and readers (support) we have to show support to others under the Kindred Soul brand. Any other brand you choose to sign with for that matter. Support your own!

KSP, is also working on ads and interviews to bring awareness to our brand. We’re doing our best coming up with marketing strategies; contests, gift card giveaways, kindle giveaways etc. That’ll be in another newsletter down the line. Can’t give away too much free game.

Promotion is the key to getting your work out into the public. we as a company can only do so much, but you the author have to connect with your readers every now and again. Get into book groups and drop your cover, and synopsis before release date then drop the link when it goes live. Promotion will get you noticed in this industry. If you feel the need drop a line from your craft on your page to let your readers know you’re working. Make the connection.

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Books we’ve published can be found under Kindred Soul Publications on Amazon

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Submission Inquiries: submissions@kindredsoulpublications.com

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