Yatta Rose

Yatta Rose, 21 from Chicago, Illinois. Author Yatta Rose began writing at the age of seven years old. She would either write stories, poems, songs, or just journal her feelings. Overtime, she began to take writing a bit more serious when she noticed how it helped her with personal issues.

In 2011 she started to further her writing and post them to Wattpad. A site where writers can share their stories with readers across the world. She began to grow a fan base that stuck with her for years. Between time she slowed down on writing due to the fact, she became discouraged.

During the flood storms in Chicago, various of her writings were destroyed when her home flooded out. Yatta felt it was over for her to become an successful writer. She always looked up to various authors such as Sister Souljah, Toni Morrison, and Paul Langan.

Later, she found her push again after reading Toni Morrison “The Bluest Eyes”. In December 2016 Yatta stepped outside of Wattpad and hit up the mainstream social media for a different challenge. She began to Participate in the biggest challenge on social media called ” The Short Story Challenge,”. In that year she reached over twenty thousand shares and likes a piece.

This later gave Yatta a bigger fanbase and more discovery. She began to get contacted by various publishers and authors. In July 2017 she chose to sign with Kindred Soul Publications under Stephani Mickens and Drusilla Mars.

Over the years, writing has helped Yatta deal with her depression. Writing gives her a push to keep going, even when times get hard.

October 2017, she put out her first novel under Kindred Soul which was a huge success. Even though, she was quite scared and unsure of how things turned out, she believed in herself.

Rose, is not only a writer but an aspiring entrepreneur and activist. On top of that she is an college student who’s major is social work. Being a foster child she wants to be able to chage lives and give DCFS kids a better home.

Overall, Yatta is talented for singing, poetry, helping others and her creative mind. She plans to put out more work soon and pushes her to dream to become a New York’s bestseller.

Author Page: Devious Yatta
IG: Ksp_yatta
Twitter: Ksp_Yatta

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